Instituto De Espanol – Köln

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  • January 18, 2024


Instituto de Español – Köln, a renowned language institute, faced significant challenges with its website security, including multiple hacking incidents due to the negligence of their previous hosting provider. Encountered severe challenges with its website due to a Black SEO virus. This malware not only compromised the site’s security but also adversely affected its Google Search Console records, leading to the domain being marked as spam.


The institute required a holistic solution that not only addressed the security breach but also significantly enhanced the website’s performance and search engine standing.


QOSQO IT and Uppumatu collaborated to provide a comprehensive solution, combining their expertise in cybersecurity, web hosting, and website performance optimization.


  1. Elimination of Black SEO Virus: The team conducted an extensive clean-up operation to remove the virus, restoring the integrity of the website and its SEO rankings.

  2. Domain Control Transfer to Cloudflare: To fortify the website’s security, domain control was shifted to Cloudflare, leveraging its advanced security features and reputation for reliability.

  3. Website Migration to Pikapods Hosting: The website was migrated to Pikapods for its proven secure and stable hosting services, aimed at minimizing downtime and enhancing user experience.

  4. Performance Optimization: Comprehensive performance enhancements were implemented. This included optimizing website loading speeds, improving user interface and user experience, and ensuring mobile responsiveness, which are critical factors in user engagement and search engine rankings.


The intervention led to the complete elimination of the Black SEO virus, with zero subsequent security breaches. The website’s domain was rehabilitated, removing the spam label and restoring its standing in Google Search Console. Additionally, significant performance improvements were noted, resulting in faster load times, a more responsive interface, and improved overall user experience. These enhancements contributed to better search engine rankings and increased user satisfaction.


This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of a comprehensive approach in resolving specific web security challenges and enhancing website performance. Through the partnership of QOSQO IT and Uppumatu, Instituto de Español – Köln not only overcame its immediate challenges but also achieved a significant improvement in its digital presence, setting a robust foundation for future growth and stability.

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