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  • juuni 8, 2024

At Uppumatu, we are excited to share with you the recent changes we’ve made to the Physios-Köln website. Our goal was to enhance the user experience, improve site performance, and ensure the website is accessible to all users. Here’s a look at what we did:

The Challenge

The initial state of the website was far from ideal. It lacked the necessary expandability and was not designed with the future in mind. This posed a significant challenge as we had to essentially rebuild the website while ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Our Approach

We took a professional approach to revamp the website, prioritizing user experience, site performance, and future expandability. Our team worked diligently to not only fix the existing issues but also to add new features that would enhance the overall functionality of the site.

Technical Changes

Website Redesign

The website underwent a comprehensive redesign to improve its aesthetic appeal and functionality. All broken elements were either fixed or beautified, resulting in a more seamless and engaging user experience.

Performance Evaluation

The website was re-evaluated to enhance its PageSpeed score. This process involved optimizing various elements of the site to ensure faster loading times and a smoother browsing experience for visitors.

Design Templates

All major design elements have been saved as templates for future use. This includes elements such as page headings where the title of the page is visible, and a call-to-action section located before the footer. These templates will streamline future updates and ensure consistency across the website.

Social Media Integration

Social media buttons have been integrated into the website. This feature allows visitors to easily access and follow our social media platforms, enhancing our online presence and engagement with our audience.

Future Plans

New Page Template for Job Offers

A new page template will be created specifically for job offers. This will provide a dedicated space for us to advertise available positions and attract potential applicants.

Membership Area

A membership area will be added to the website. This will provide a personalized experience for our users and allow us to offer exclusive content and services to our members.

Multi-Language Support

The website will be updated to support both German and English languages. This will include a translation service to ensure all content is accurately translated and accessible to our diverse user base.